Our main goal when corresponding with pastors is to keep them involved and informed with the students sent out of their church. Listed below are assurances that the College President, Officers, Board Members and staff of HBC should convey to each Potential student and Pastor to build healthy and productive relationships between HBC, Students, and Pastors.


Our Assurances to Pastors

  • Keep Pastors involved with a regular rotation of invitations to preach chapel.
  • Keep Pastors involved with invitations to teach, including quarterly classes, Modular Classes, and substitutions in the absence of regularly scheduled instructor.
  • Quarterly or Yearly Updates (E-mail or Mail outs)
  • Pastors given quarterly reports on the progress of students from their church.
  • Keep Pastors involved with invitations to preach graduation services.
  • Pastor Appreciation Luncheon
  • College Students will be required to tithe to their home church
  • Students will not be encouraged to join membership of Bible Baptist Church, unless desired by sending Pastor.
  • Dorm Students will not be permitted to seek career oriented employment given the understanding that their Spiritual and academic growth is key. It would be in the best interest of each Dorm student to avoid employment that would interfere with their academic schedule and purpose.
  • All ministry opportunities will be delegated under the authority of Heritage Baptist College and there will be a clear distinction between the operation of ministry at Bible Baptist Church and Heritage Baptist College.
  • Upon graduation, it is the goal of Heritage Baptist College for each student to return home and work under the leadership of their Pastor at their home church.