Degree Programs Offered

1st year 32 hours Bible Diploma
2nd year 64 hours Associate Degree
3rd year 96 hours Graduate Degree
4th year 128 hours Bachelor Degree
5th year 160 hours Master Degree
6th year 192 hours Doctor Degree

Class Requirements

We at HBC offer two credited classes on Tuesday night and two credited classes on Thursday night. Students have the option at beginning of year to choose what classes they wish to take. We recommend that 1st – 4th year students take all four classes (Per Quarter) to gain credits required for their degree at a faster pace but it is not required. We offer the Work at your own pace options due to the understanding that people have jobs and family time. We value this as very important and believe it should not be limited for class time.


We have a 45 minute lecture for each class, taught by a skilled instructor. The teacher will sometimes use PowerPoints and visual aids are utilized to aid in delivery. In an effort to accommodate a lecture intensive course, measured by quarterly exams, and primarily homework free, classroom attendance and proper note taking are expected and required.